• Q – How do I get started?

    A - Once you have logged into the member’s area you simply watch the videos in order. Please make sure you read all the information on the PDF’s as well as these will help you understand what to do.

  • Q – How do I upgrade to VIP member status?

    A - If you are not already a VIP member click on one of the links in the members area and it will take to the upgrade page.

  • Q – Will I get notification of when the Super Charged Training and live webinars take place?

    A - Yes you will. We will announce in the member’s area and also email you direct when these events take place.

  • Q – I already have my own Crypto wallet, can I use this?

    A - Yes you can, we would recommend you follow the instructions on the videos to start off with you can use whatever Crypto wallet you wish to use.

  • Q – How long does it take to transfer balances from one wallet to another wallet on a different exchange?

    A – Each exchange varies on the time they take and what type crypto you are transferring.

    Bitcoin can take quite a few minutes if the blockchain is busy so don’t worry if there is a delay of up to a few minutes, this is perfectly normal.

  • Q – How do I download the Google Authenticator app to my mobile phone?

    A – If you are using an IPhone or iPad tap on the App Store tab and tap search (bottom right of the screen) and type in Google Authenticator and then download it.

    If you are using an Android device open your device's settings app Google Account. At the top, tap Security.

    Under "Signing in to Google," tap 2-Step Verification. ...

    Under "Set up alternative second step," find "Authenticator app" and tap Set up.

    Follow the steps on the screen.

  • Q – How do contact support?

    A – In the member’s area top right of your screen, click the contact us tab and follow the instructions on the screen.